Objectives and Goals


Consistent with its tradition as a pioneer in higher education in Nigeria, including medical education, ABUAD seeks to establish a health system that will be second to none in Nigeria in order to

  • To provide the most sophisticated clinical training to all its students in the College of Medicine and Health Sciences, guided by its philosophy of excellence, dedication, character, morality, and spiritual development;
  • To deliver medical services to the people of Ekiti State, the rest of Nigeria, and all of West Africa and even Africa, employing some of the best clinically trained minds and some of the most sophisticated technologies that exist in the world;
  • To provide clinical care for hard-to-cure diseases,
  • To be a center of excellence in medical and nursing education, and clinical service delivery in Nigeria;
  • To provide a one-top medical service center where patient can meet all their medical service need in one of the most comfortable environments they can find within the continent of Africa;
  • To demonstrate that the private non-for-profit model of medical education, clinical training, and health services delivery, can succeed in Africa when dedicated people like Chief AfeBabalola,  either individually or in collaboration with other dedicated people of character and integrity like himself, become engaged
  • To conduct innovative biomedical research and other kind of research in public health and the development in Nigeria
  • To pioneer public health training and general preventive medical education in health sciences education in Nigeria
  • To reduce the healthcare brain drain from Nigeria and simultaneously fulfill the hope of millions of Nigeria and other west Africans and even other Africans for a world-class healthcare facility without having to travel around the world seeking healthcare delivery that should have been available to them at home
  • To foster an enduring relationship between ABUAD and communities it seeks to serves
  • Engage the best research mind in Nigeria and the rest of the world to produce credible clinic, public health and pharmaceutical research that can provide answers to critical health questions that plague ABUAD primary service area and its external environment
  • To promote the spiritual and professional growth of those who seek to come to ABUAD for education and intellectual fulfillment.

The ABUAD Health System and its Health Science Institutes seek to be a significant part of the solution to the very dire health challenges facing the citizens of Nigeria, by

  • Establishing an academic health center of world repute that will provide undergraduate and graduate medical education to students using the most innovative technologies, the most innovative and committed teachers in health sciences, best-practices of health sciences research, and best-practice of health service delivery strategies available in Nigeria through global partnerships.
  • Motivating the rest of Nigeria to rise to its full potential in the training and development  of its health delivery workforce by adopting the ABUAD private not-for- model without hedging all expectations on the federal and state governments
  • Leveraging the rising expertise in public health in Nigeria and the brilliance, competence, and willingness of Nigerians to work very hard when opportunities present themselves
  • Using its Health science institute to provide the medical school and teaching hospital with some of the most advanced scientific research support.
  • Leveraging the growing expertise in interdisciplinary scientific research, medical education, health services delivery, and rising interest in global partnerships.

Pioneering translational research in the health sciences, beginning with public health (health promotion and diseases prevention) and medicine, including general preventive medicine

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