Afe Babalola Multi-system Hospital Successfully performs another brain surgery

Afe Babalola Multi-system Hospital Successfully performs another brain surgery

Eighteen months after it successfully commenced the performance of brain and spine surgeries, Afe Babalola Multi – System Hospital, a new generation tertiary health center with a mission to reverse the direction of medical tourism in Nigeria has again successfully carried out another notable brain surgery.

The Procedure was carried out on a lady who had been complaining of severe headache on one side of her head for about three years and had been to various medical facilities and spiritual homes.

The lady who has not been able to talk, walk or conscious of her environment for three months was diagnosed as a case of a huge brain tumor located at the base of the skull when she was brought to the Hospital. She had a successful surgical procedure on Friday, and by the next Monday she started walking, talking and fully conscious of her whereabouts.

The beauty of the treatment was that the patient was discharged after spending 10 days on admission. By this successful operation, ABUAD Multi System Hospital has positively demonstrated its ability and capability to solve issues of brain tumor as a result of which Nigerians no longer need to travel abroad for the sake of Brain surgery.

The surgery was performed by a team led by Dr Abiodun Okunlola,a distinguished Neurosurgeon.This team has carried out various brain and spine surgeries in children and adults including correction of birth and vascular defects of the Central Nervous System, repair of traumatic brain injuries and excision of brain tumor as in this case.

Narrating her experience, she was full of effusive praise and appreciation for the Medical team that attended to her. Her words: “The way I was treated and attended to here has been most encouraging. The Medical team was nice to me. They were all courteous and accommodating. They accorded me a lot of respect.That alone must have contributed largely to my speedy recovery for which I am grateful to God”.

In appreciation of her experience, she added: i have since been sharing my pleasant experience with people through telephone that ABUAD Multi – System Hospital is the place to be. That they should not consider the fee as it is only the healthy and the living that can be talking about money. I really like the hospital they are trying they are real professionals.

I recovered very quickly, I was at peaces with myself throughout and that assisted in my healing process. Many people are surprised. Am even surprised myself, but I know it is the lord’s doing. But I always reminded myself that I have not done evil to anyone and so I will not experience evil. I will reap the fruit of my labour over my children”.

Commenting on the Founder and Chancellor of Afe Babalola University who is also the founder of the ABUAD Multi – System Hospital, Aare Afe Bablola, SAN, she described the frontline legal icon as a good father who is using his wealth to positively affect the

Her words: “My heart prays for Aare Afe Babalola. He is a good father. He will live long for us. I wonder what would have been my story if he has not put this facility in place”.



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